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March 25, 2009

Toy in the Bubble

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pic032309_3.jpg, originally uploaded by kd5938.

Seen in San Francisco Montgomery and Market crossing to the south side of Market at the popular corner for the high-end products marketing by visual props. Here is a blown-up squirrel trapped inside a huge air-bubble balloon. Did not have time to find out what for? Especially since they wanted to take my picture for having taken its picture. What is that double advertising? products and the suckers interested in them?


March 20, 2009

Upper Crust at San Francisco Civic Center Plaza

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pic031809_6.jpg 1 by you.

The Upper Crust presentation at San Francisco Civic Center Plaza.  Wonder how much it has cost!

pic031809_3.jpg 1 by you.

Somebody is dying to make mud huts on the beach and live there…. Let me guess, he works at the SF City Hall??

February 13, 2009

Abe Lincoln the Librarian

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It is not your typical Librarian. I walked in and saw him sitting inconspiciously. I had to take his picture. And guess what happened. It is a little blurry but very cool to me because I don’t recall taking blurry pics before! Plenty of technical mistakes but this is the first blurry one that is otherwise a very good picture. I sharpened it and kept it. Check him out. Main Library San Francisco.

The One and Only

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I found this store by accident or serrendipiously. I guess it pays to visit parts of town you hardly pass through. See the next post for what goes on inside. I think it was on Leavenworth or Hyde close to Geary or whatever.

Inside the Socks Store

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True. This is a small store but inside you find more socks stacked up high than you would imagine. That is a lot of socks. I wonder how much they cost and if it is a cultural niche that we don’t understand to have a socks-only-shop…………..

Somebody Who Gives A Shit

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Yes. Someone does give a shit. If you have been to San Francisco for the first time and not been in a big city like SF, your first impression of the city may be that “nobody gives a shit about this place” from the dirt and crap everywhere. You would think the City Hall has some pride and the citizen overwhelmingly care but you are wrong. On the same note, it is hard to find bona fide products of the citizens doing things that show good and positive spirit unless you are within specific neighbourhoods. Today, I found a rarity. Here is an example of a non-giant retail shop that has done an outstanding job with a simple window display. I have not seen any like it around. Simply because no-one gives a shit in SF!

Best Window Display I have Seen

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I almost wish the window display of Cole Fox Hardware store would not go away. They had an awesome window display for Christmas Holidays (and so does thousand other shops) that I ignored but this is so well done. It is so polished and carefully arranged and designed that you can feel the person who did it gave a shit what it makes the viewer think. That is not SF spirit at all. Here you can pee in the street and a million other things and nobody will blink. As a matter of fact, the City Hall prefers that order and maintains it. What a bunch of Assholes run this city and have been.

January 21, 2009

No More Holiday Fun……..

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Yes. The holidays are over. The last round of skating was last night at 8 pm and this is what happens the day after. End of the ice rink for another year.

January 11, 2009

The Biggest Moon of the Year!!!

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Yes it is. This is as big as the moon gets this year. The media announced it and I had to picture it above San Francisco. Quick point the moon is not the biggest bulby in the picture. It is right in the middle and high up. It still looks unnaturally large in person.

January 8, 2009

Symmetry and Perspective Again

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Here we go again. It keeps goiiiiiiiiiiing.

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